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The wireless charging market has been detonated. Two major problems have hindered promotion.

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Good quality OTG USB Flash Drive for sales
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The wireless charging market has been detonated. Two major problems have hindered promotion.
The wireless charging market has been detonated. Two major problems have hindered promotion.

With the development of mobile phones, Internet of Things, and wearable devices, consumers' desire for "wireless" has become stronger. Wireless charging has become a standard feature of many flagship models. From iPhone X, iPhone 8 to Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, the addition of wireless charging function allows us to get rid of the constraints of cables and charge smartphones anytime, anywhere. To some extent, it also solves the problem of short battery life.

In the second half of last year, Apple's new iPhone8 and iPhoneX series phones officially supported wireless charging, and the trend of wireless charging in the future should not be underestimated. Today, Xiaomi's Zi Mi has launched a mobile phone wireless charger that is compatible with a variety of devices for fast charging, and can quickly charge the iPhone series, Samsung series and other smart devices that support wireless charging. According to China Securities Network, some market participants believe that 2018 will be the first year of the domestic wireless charging market. Many top domestic and foreign manufacturers are leading the trend, consumer lifestyle changes, the maturing of wireless charging technology, and the capital investment of related companies. These four factors will jointly ignite the huge market of wireless charging.

At present, wireless charging standards are gradually merging and wireless charging technology is gradually maturing. Samsung and Apple's flagship level have introduced wireless charging functions. The analysis believes that the mobile wireless charging industry will usher in an inflection point. According to IHS, the global wireless charging market will grow from $1.7 billion in 2015 to $15 billion in 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 27%.

Not only mobile phones, wireless charging scenes represented by consumer electronics have now taken shape. IKEA desk lamp base, Starbucks bar, and family convenience store can charge your phone wirelessly. According to Insider, Apple released a support document at the end of 2017 listing the brands of cars that offer compatible wireless chargers for the iPhone 8, including Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and Citroen. Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo. In addition, the latest ES8 released by Weilai Auto is also equipped with WPCQi wireless charging function, which can charge the flagship models such as Apple and Samsung.

However, the current wireless charging technology is limited to the contact type wireless charging base, that is, magnetic resonance or magnetic induction technology, so it is not much different from the ordinary wired charging, and still has to be fixed in a certain range to be used. Secondly, regarding the experience of wireless charging, users generally reflect that the charging speed is much slower than wired charging, and the drawback of low charging efficiency may be the biggest obstacle to wireless charging promotion.

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